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:: AsianCaringAngel a.k.a Angel / ACA / 1Laces1 ::

:: Married to 7abibi1 a.k.a jaws on Aug 10th 2013 ::

Height: 5’5”

Eyes: Dark brown

Hi there..glad to have you visiting my homepage.

I would like to dedicate this homepage to all my family, friends and art lovers. I personally would like to thank all those who have been with me for many years in our very own little world which have brought us all together. I cherish and treasure each and everyone of you. It is amazing how we could all touch hearts among each other everyday.

I will never forget all the beautiful moments that we have spent together all these years. We have a bond so strong that we are always there for each other and going through all the 'thick and thin' together as a family. We are truly blessed with a beautiful family that many others do not have.?

We should thank God for our beautiful family that we have. It is my wish to see this family grow in love and old together. In this family or group, we don't have to be anyone special. It's about being sincere to each other and making time for everyone in this family or group. It's all about caring, loving and sharing. That's what family is for.

And the happiest moment in my life is when I met my most awesome and amazing hubby 7abibi1 a.k.a Bibi / jaws. I have never met such a wonderful man for as long as I can remember. He is such a great man that made all my wish came true. I am so so proud to have him as my beloved hubby. He is my true love, my life, my King and there is no one that can replace him. This is definitely the man whom I want to be together with till eternity. He has proven to me again and again that he truly loves me and he treats me like a queen. He is awesome and amazing beyond words. He has done what no other men can do for me. I finally found the man who would never hide anything from me. I finally found the man is brave enough to show his love to me. I finally found the man who has a sincere love towards me. I finally found someone who deserved to be called a King of my heart. ~I love you with all my heart, my soulmate and my King~ God has really blessed me with the best of the best. Thank you Lord. My love, may God bless you abundantly.

In this homepage, I will be sharing those snapshots of that most treasured moments. This way, we will be able to look at these photos whenever we want and share them as well with our loved ones. It is my dream to bring harmony, love, peace and care to the people who deserve them.

Till then, please do take care and God bless.

Yours truly,
  AsianCaringAngel a.k.a Angel / ACA / 1Laces1

:: 7abibi1 a.k.a Bibi / jaws ::

:: Married to AsianCaringAngel a.k.a 1Laces1 on Aug 10th 2013 ::

Height: 5’7”

Eyes: Dark brown

Hi, my name is 7abibi1 a.k.a Bibi / jaws.

I'm 49 years old, married to the wonderful queen AsianCaringAngel a.k.a ACA. I am not going to talk about my self, but I want to talk about my lovely family in here. We are such a big family spending lot of time together, with love care and respect.

I met my lovely wife ACA when I was lonely. And the first moment I met her, I found out that she will be my lovely wife forever. I saw how she is caring and loving for all the family members and I saw myself how she work so hard to make all of them feel happy and comfortable. I saw how she spend a lot of time to help this and that. I saw how she gave them all what they need and also I saw how they respect her and appreciate what she is doing for them. So I knew how unusual of a person she is.

Then day after day, month after month I saw how the family growing up so fast with lovely members, brothers and sisters, all of them make our family stronger and so close to each other, we enjoy all the moments together with love and joy. Yes, we face some problems sometimes but we solve all the problems with love and listening to each other. We saw how the singles became couples, and how they build their own families too from our family rooms.

Here I would thank from the deep of my heart all the family members and the head of the family my queen my love my wife ACA for what she did for all of us. ~Thank you my love ~

I have never been so happy as how I feeling now. I have never felt love and care as how I am feeling now. My queen, you did something that normal human can't do. That is why I know and I am sure that you are an angel. That is why I am ready to pay my life and all what I can for you to be the happiest person on this universe.

May God bless you and your family always my love and may God make our love grow and grow forever with all the family. Amen.

Yours truly,
  7abibi1 a.k.a Bibi / jaws

:: LilianaJadeRose a.k.a Jade or Rose (sister since 2010) ::

Hi my name is Jade! Everyone calls me Jade or Rose.

I like dancing, singing, sew quilts and enjoy outdoors and play sports like Baseball and Soccer! Years ago, my real life younger sister, we hang around like best friends until she meet her boyfriend that treats her really bad and my real life family. Ever since until now, my real life sister married her boy friend and I never ever hang out with my sister.

It's been 15 years now and her husband treated my real life family and me like really bad and one time I wanted to talk to my sister, he will not let me talk to her. He threats me really bad on the computer, cell phone and on hoildays that I can't talk and see my real life sister. Right now it's been 17 years, and I really miss my sister. I didn't want to think about her or talk about her in front of my friends because I was depressed.

My life started I was sad, depressed, losing weight and feeling lonely. To me right now, it feels like I don't have a sister. I lost my sisterhood and friendship. I got my brothers and friends but no real life sister. My best friend saw me depressed every day and she had to leave to go to a business trip. She showed me this 3D apps and she said that I can talk to her. She signed me up on July of 2011 and I was happy to talk to her. When she was not online, I was looking for people to talk and I found a very special person that made me happy and feel like a sister to me and friendship. Her name is AsianCaringAngel. She treated me like a human being, sister and friendship! Thank you so much ~muah~ ~hugs~

Yours truly,
  LilianaJadeRose a.k.a Jade / Rose

:: oOSweetSugarCanesOo a.k.a SSC / Sweet / Sugar (sister since Nov. 2013) ::

Some call me Sweet/Sweety some call me Sugar coz I'm as sweet as sugar lol but my sisters and brothers call me SSC.

I'm a part of ACA's Family and Friends and I'm proud of it. Btw I already have sis SQK and bro Q before I met ACA's Family but we are part of ACA's family now. I've been loved and loved by this awesome family and I'm so thankful to God for this lovely family.

No matter what I won't leave this family coz they are everything to me. I love you sissy ACA and all the family <3. 

Yours truly, 

  oOSweetSugarCanesOo a.k.a SSC / Sweet / Sugar


:: ALzZQuE a.k.a AL (bro-in-law since Nov 2013) ::

 Some call me Q, esp. in ACA Family.

But my first IMVU name is Zen. Some of my old friends here and real life call me Zen. Oh no..there's one more name..'Chaos', only a friend calls me that, and I call her Messyy, haha..

Who am I? I am just a random guy for you...an easy going person. A crow..feel free. A gentleman (at the moment). Umm...I don't know what else. You name it, whatever u like, because we can't judge by ourselves, need different views from the others to see who we are...Just play cool with me..that's all I'm asking. And...ummm..I'm Never Gonna Change Who I Am, take note of that.

I love my friends...all of them. Even sometimes they hate me, I'm cool :P. Feel great being part of Aca's Family. I love them all in this cute family, no exception. I'm shy and wanna be a loner sometimes, yeah..just me, myself, and my avatar, hahaha XD. Ok guys..no more about me. I hope that's enough. If you want more about me...just come to the nearest medical store 😛

Rocks Out..


Your Pain,


:: xotoriax a.k.a Tori (daughter since 2010 - old account torilovesyou22) ::
 ~currently doing full time Christian ministry and not able to come online~


Mommy when I think of you I think of Ruth from the Bible. I think of how selfless you are. You do anything for someone else's happiness. You will do anything to help someone.

You will love on them when they need somone to love and comfort them and I love that you are that way. I feel like it's like I have known you my whole life and I love that no gift of yours shows that.

I see it all in the words you speak and the actions you make. You are a selfless person and I want to become that way to learn to put others first and not myself.

Yours truly,

  xotoriax a.k.a Tori (old account torilovesyou22)


:: Karamellacool a.k.a Kara (daughter since 2010) ::

~currently studying in a university~


Hello everyone.

My real name is Karama. I was born in West Africa, raised there and then 2006 I went to Italy to study. My life on this 3D community started from 2010, once I got my personal computer. Honestly I don't remember exact date I met Angel and Family but what counts now is that am in this AWESOME family.

Tracy is true angel, now I know her real name lol. I don't know why I never asked her real name anyway. Calling her Angel everytime sounds cool because she is but then there's other side of me which wanted to call her something better, like MOM.

Because she's even older than my mom in real so why not called her as mom when she has children of my age or older than me. I wish I had a mother like her.

Overall she's really caring, sweet, lovely, funny, kind, friendly and awesome! It a honour for me to be part of this family and I thank you all for making one of you. I love you all.

Yours truly,

  Karamellacool a.k.a Kara


:: oOoECHOoOo a.k.a Echo (sister since 2013) ::

My name is Echo here on this 3D community, in real it is Raelena.

I am dancer and singer in real. I have one son. I am a loving and caring person that loves almost anyone. I love the ACA family because I found comfort, healing and support for the people. In this loving family I have a hard time trusting people so this large but caring family took me in as one of their own. We are all very different but I think that what makes us so strong.

I love dancing and hanging with others, joking and having fun. I am not perfect but I love all so it makes up for that. I love my family what more can I ask for. They are everything to me.

Yours truly,

  oOoECHOoOo a.k.a Echo


:: 3va4ngel a.k.a Eva (daughter since 2012) ::

~working currently~

Mom, there are no words
that can possibly express
how much you mean to me
and how much trust I feel for you.
you've given up so much for me,
more than I deserve.
no matter how bad it gets
I can always count on your smile.
when you laugh,
your eyes light up
much like the stars
in the night sky.
you're my shoulder to cry on,
my leg to lean on,
that rope that holds me together
so I don't break.
I hope you know I love you,
with every bit of my heart.
you're not only a mother to me,
you're a friend, a companion but most importantly..you're a gift

Yours truly,

  3va4ngel a.k.a Eva

:: melinlyn a.k.a Melly (sissy since August 2013) ::

I'm proud to be part of ACA family.

I know at first it was because of my deceased bf twiz was a good friend, but now I'm feeling I'm accepted here for me. ACA and the others are friendly and fun and crazy good ppl 🙂

Thank you for having me.         

 Yours truly

  melinlyn a.k.a Melly lylgjgily


:: BelleVelvette a.k.a Bella (sissy since January 2014) ::

 I've never met people quite as open, and genuinely loving and caring!

I have been off an on in this 3D community since 2008, and mostly the reason I would leave for so long in between, is because of so much using. I would come across people who would want me to be their mommy and pay for everything. I don't have money to spend, but when I do, I ONLY treat those who I deem worthy, and that I respect.

I have looked for others to just be friends with, but in the end, I found a family, I truly found something else. And to be honest, I was looking through people around or a little older than my own age, and I found Dorian (LordDorianFireStorm) first. I noticed that he was in a room, and I followed him for whatever reason and I was drawn to ACA's island where I met and began this journey with such an amazing and wonderful family.

I'm proud to be in ACA family! I love each and everyone of you, because you see the good in me. When I really need someone to talk to, I know I can come "home"...

God Blessed me truly with you all, thanks and may you all be blessed!

Yours truly,

  BellaVelvette a.k.a Bella


:: HellsValentine a.k.a Val (sister since January 14th 2014) ::


Hello World!

So where to start? long or short? Meh (Me) let's see what happens lol. I'm HellsValentine (also known Val) but I'm not shy so my real name is Demona.

I started in this 3D community in the beginning of 2007 but found not many knew of it yet and not many people worth meeting. After jumping on every couple of years to see who and how things were going, I finally found it to be worth my wild in late 2013 finding that family groups had become a big part of the program and being a person who went to job corps in my youth this was the type of thing I had missed for many years.

Nice people were easily found and to my enjoyment, I found a wonderful family group full of good fun people who made me feel like apart of a real family who I can share with and talk to with out being ignored all the time. Angel, Bibi, and Dorian made me feel right at home and showed me that you can be serious and have fun and make jokes all in the same moment. They have given me that chance to meet some amazing people. Some who I have made some real connections with and could bare my soul too, and find so much in common with like my newest friend (niece Bella) among others.

It's a wonderful family I have come to find with love, caring, respect, and comfort with plenty of prayers and compliments to go around. There is rarely any drama and almost always a full room. Also even tho he isn't apart of my family I owe a great debt of gratitude to my teacher and mentor Wolven for helping me so much with returning to this 3D community and re-learning everything with ease and clarity.

I am thankful for finding my new family and hope to get to know all of them as well as I know the real people in my life. For me there is no such thing as *just* chatting. There is real people behind each avi on this community and my only wish is that along the way the people I meet will genuinely show me the feelings and sincerity that I myself have taken from my heart and soul to give to them.

Yours truly,

  HellsValentine a.k.a Val

(pic coming soon)

:: MrsChristineAngel a.k.a Christine (sissy since 2014) ::

:: Married to MrStarAngel a.k.a Daz ::

Hello its me, MrsChristineAngel, Christina in real.

My dear family call me in different nick name, tintin, christy, or baby. I love to met new friends & making conversations. I love to dance, even I'm alone at the dance floor, it doesn't matter. I love to play golf, chess and swim. I'm a sweet person, loving, open minded, a simple woman who want a simple dream...family & children... because that is what I don't have.

I'm so blessed I have met my second family here in this 3D community, my ACA Family. I have no words to describe how thankful I am in my heart to have all of you guys. I feel the love, sincerity, respect and bonding. I love all of you with all the power and love I have in my heart.         

 Yours truly

  MrsChristineAngel a.k.a Christine

:: PatrickRaoul a.k.a Patrick (sister since 5th March 2015) ::

Hello one and all.

My real name is Pyae Phyoe Aung. But you can call me Patrick because it is easier. I was born and raised in Myanmar. My birthday falls on 17th of March 1993, which is the same date as Saint Patrick's Day. I didn't know about it when I gave myself Patrick as an English name in hope that people could call me easier. I moved to Singapore when I was 9 years old and started schooling 1 year later. My life in IMVU started in 2008 as lonelykid995 and I made many cool friends. then i switch accounts to the name: PatrickRaoul. My dream is to become a dancer, and play guitar by the beach someday. My hobbies are reading, gaming, gym, going places and meeting new people.

When I first met the ACA family on the beach resort room, i was just room hopping and never really considered that this would be my family filled with amazing people who are sincere, loving and caring. So it took AsianCaringAngel (a.k.a mommy) 1 or 2 years i think before she made me a part of her family. I would like to thank her for being patient with me all these time. I have had my ups and downs and my family is always there for me and I am filled with immerse gratitude.

Yours truly,

 PatrickRaoul a.k.a Patrick


:: Debbiergreen a.k.a Deb (sister since September 27th 2015) ::

Hi to my family and friends,

I am Debbiergreen. I am now a full member of this family. I am 48 years young.. In fact I just turned 48 on the 8th of October. I do not have any kids, I was not blessed with any... but I do have 9 cats, Patches, a.k.a Mama Bear, Cookie Girl... she has baby Blackie, Midnight, Farby a.k.a Far Master, Princess, Tigger, Tiger & Cupcake. They are just like my children. I love them to death.

I am honoured to be a member of this family... It is my pleasure to have met the people in this family and the people that I will meet down the line. I look forward to having a close relationship with the other members of this family and friends as well... I promise to do my best to be there when you need me to talk to, to be there when you need a shoulder to cry on .. I promise I will give you the love and respect in me. I can only hope for the same in return...

Thank you for having me as your family and friend...

Love always,
  Debbiergreen a.k.a Deb

:: MrStarAngel a.k.a Daz (bro-in-law since September 27th 2015) ::

:: Married to MrsChristineAngel a.k.a Christine ::


My name is Darrin, Daz for short.

I live in the West Midlands. I am the youngest of four children I have one brother and two sisters. I am 50 years old I don't have any children of my own.

I am ACA's brother-in-law. I have been a family member since 27th of September. I am very honoured to be allowed to be part of the ACA family. I am a good listener and what I'm told stays with me, I won't tell anyone else. I am looking forward to meeting more of the family and friends.

Yours truly,
  MrStarAngel a.k.a Daz


:: LolaSweetAngel a.k.a Lola (sister since September 27th 2015) ::

Hi, my name is LolaSweetAngel.

I'm a loving and caring person. I have a real sister that is also on this 3D community. Her name is Debbiergreen.

I am so proud to be a part of ACA family. Back in June of this year 2015 is when I first met sissy ACA, I love going to the boat and sissy ACA is so sweet. I told my sister to go to the boat too and now we are all sisters. Sissy ACA and her husband 7abibi1 a.k.a jaws treat people really good. They are nice people. I love you guys.

Thank you for having me in your family *hugs and kisses*

Yours truly,
  LolaSweetAngel a.k.a Lola